At Revival we offer relaxing Swedish and Hot Stone massages for both Women and Men.

Relaxing Massage
Relax Express
For those short on time, this massage will help release tension in tight muscles through the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back. The perfect express pick-me-up.
Allow 30 min
$ 65.00
Half Body
Feel stress melt away with this nurturing massage designed to induce full body relaxation. Calm a busy mind and relax with the use of essential oils and to help centre and ground you. Leave feeling recharged and empowered.
Allow 45 min
$ 95.00
Full Body
Restore balance with this hour long massage designed to work into the muscles and release tension. Your Therapist will focus on areas of muscle tension, instilling a deep sense of calm and balance. Your body will feel soothed and balanced.
Allow 60 min
$ 125.00
Muscle Melting Hot Stone
Full Body

Soothing warm stones gently help to release pressure and tension from the body, restoring energy and vitality to your whole being. A massage to leave you feeling centred.
Allow 60 min
Allow 90 min
$ 140.00
$ 180.00